How to Write a Killer CV

You are ready to take that next step in your career, and it is now time to update your CV. So, what is the key to bagging that interview for your dream job? Our experienced recruitment specialists have put together a list of tips to help get your CV noticed.
BUT before you get started, here are a few questions to ask yourself….

  1. Have you scrutinised the job description? Ensure you have thoroughly read and understood what the employer is looking for? Highlight keywords, skills and experience.
  2. Think about your message – your unique selling point – this needs to be clear and compelling.

OK, so now you can start putting the proverbial pen to paper…..

  1. Decide on a simple but effective format to ensure your CV stands out. This should make it easy for the hiring manager to read. White space, bullet points, and bold used sparingly and appropriately, can help.
  2. The flow should be clear, concise and logical.
  • Start with a brief but well -articulated opening statement that is aspirational yet realistic, and relevant to the role.
  • Provide a chronological outline of your career to date highlighting relevant knowledge, skills and achievements. Include more detail about recent successes that had measurable positive results. And remember those strong key words!
  • If a previous employer is not well known, it can be useful to include a brief description of what they do (to save the hiring manager from having to look them up).
  • Include an overview of your characteristics and traits

And before you press the “send” button, double-check it for errors by doing a quick spell check.
If you need assistance with your CV our team can help. Get in touch and we will be happy to guide you on how to achieve a great CV.