How to do a Great Interview

Well Done! Your CV has managed to catch the hiring managers’ eye, and you’ve landed an interview. You’re nearly there, and to help you with your career path, we have put together a few tips to increase your chances of getting that job offer.  

So, you should have enough time to prepare for the interview.  If the interview is location based, take some time to plan your route (or even have a trial run if you can) to ensure you arrive in good time allowing for any potential delays.  And remote interviews have become the norm, as we know, and so ensure you have the necessary technology and space ready to do the interview with minimal interruptions.   

And even if the interview is online, it is still important to look professional and presentable, and be appropriately dressed.  

Now it’s time to do your homework! Learn about the company, what they do, their vision and mission, and company values. It can be also be useful to know about any recent company projects or news in case it comes up in conversation.  This lets the hiring manager know that you are up to speed with industry news and that you are really interested in the position.   
Be familiar with the job spec and be able to present skills that are relevant to the role when going through work experience, and include more detail about recent successes that had measurable results.  The STAR technique provides a useable model in answering competency questions.  And if a technical person is going to be on the interview panel, ensure that you have revised your technical skills and are aware of updated procedures and standards.   

Hiring Managers want to know what you can bring to the role in terms of soft skills, so be prepared to answer questions on your strengths and weaknesses, and why you want to work for the company and the role. 

And don’t be afraid to ask questions – have a number of questions lined up for the Hiring Managers around the role, the team, what a typical day will look like, and also what the expectation is from the successful candidate. You can also find out more about long term career progression opportunities at this stage.  
Finally, don’t forget to remember who you are meeting (name and job title)! 

Good luck!