Serialisation affects all steps of the products journey from the manufacturing line to the patient and this is determined by the regulations that apply in each country in which the product is sold.

Team Horizon are actively engaged in the programme and project management of a number of serialisation implementations. We do so by using our expertise and PMBOK tools to guide and effectively manage the multi-faceted challenges that arises in early planning and throughout the project implementation whilst ensuring maintenance of product supply.

Client challenges that we regularly encounter during serialisation projects include: 

Unclear communication between client and vendor

Insufficient risk assessment

Lack of knowledge-sharing within and between project teams

Insufficient quality control activities

Poor handling of scope creep or scope variations

Poor alignment of scope between client and vendor

To address these challenges we work with visual tools to continuously communicate the goals, risks and plans throughout the organisation, making sure that everyone is aligned from the beginning and throughout the project.

Team Horizon has extensive experience in process design and implemtation for packaging, labelling/printing, vision/inspection, automation, MES, ERP and logistic systems..

Making your serialisation implementation more efficient is an organisation-wide commitment.
From choosing the right serialisation software vendor to designing or retrofitting your production packaging line, our technical engineering and integration knowledge will make your manufacturing processes more cost effective.

Our aim is to help clients identify and select the right solution and partners and to meet regulatory and continuity of production requirements as part of a successful implementation.

Team Horizon Project Examples

Pharmaceutical companies need to have a plan to effectively to manage the Serialisation impact whilst maintaining product supply.

  • End of Line

  • End of line serialisation & aggregation programme management of 12 packaging lines for a global manufacture of skin treatments
  • Global Requirements

  • Global serialisation requirements and OEE analysis for a global vaccines manufacturer in 10 locations.
  • Centre of Excellence

  • Centre of Excellence for tablet manufacturing & packaging and worldwide supply – South Korea serialisation solution

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