Pre-FAT / FAT support

For any organisation, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a critical point in the lifecycle of any new capital equipment project. Poorly structured and executed FATs can be the difference between a smooth start-up on site and possible weeks of aggravation trying to resolve issues which should have been addressed at the vendor’s factory.  FATs are not a routine task for most organisations and inexperience at this critical milestone can prove to be costly. You can avoid theses project risks by engaging the services of Team Horizon.

Scope of Service Provided

Team Horizon has competent, experienced engineers that can provide technical assistance in the FAT process from end to end.


Focusing and engaging with key personnel who will ultimately have responsibility for the equipment, Team Horizon will prepare and supervise the execution of a detailed test plan.


Team Horizon also has the relevant experience and knowledge to collaborate with the vendor and site validation/quality personnel to leverage as much FAT testing data into the subsequent qualification process which can help to reduce costs and time in the overall project.


Understand clients' needs and assign appropriate engineering expertise

Engage with vendor and relevant site personnel and review all relevant documents (URS, FDS etc) prior to FAT protocol development

Develop a detailed test plan to verify the equipment will work as intended

Execute or supervise the FAT process

Engage with vendor and site personnel during FAT process to resolve technical issues

Document all tests and any deviations with appropriate follow up actions in accordance with industry best practices.

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